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Bare windows may allow you to take advantage of natural light, but when there’s too much sun, you risk damaging your furniture and, to some extent, your skin. Roll-up curtains not only provide solar protection, but also improve the privacy, security, and comfort of your property. With just a tug, easily raise the curtains when you want to bask in the sun or look outside, and just as easily pull them down for increased privacy, or for some shade. We are pleased to offer a wide range of roll-up curtain options for your home or business, customized to suit your specific need.

The curtains we manufacture can be rolled up by hand, or operated with ropes and pulleys.All curtains are custom made for our clients. If total sunlight blackout is desired, clear vinyl windows or screens can be added. These also allow you to block and filter the noise that infiltrates your home.

Additionally, we offer custom-made stationary fabric panels that can be used as a porte-cochere for protection during the winter months and removed and stored during summer months. This flexibility and versatility is  incredibly important to us, as we want you to feel like you have complete control over your home or business.

We have been serving residential and commercial clients for three generations, and pride our-selves on helping home and business owners save on energy costs while improving the appearance of their properties. Dean Custom Awnings has served the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania area for many years with a commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, value, and most of all, impeccable service.

Call us today to arrange a consultation for your roll up curtain requirements, or for more detailed information about roll-up curtains, or our other offerings. You can also fill out the short form to get a free estimate.

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If you have a screened porch that requires sun shade or privacy, automated shades can be an excellent solution. These shades raise and lower at the push of a button, and the fabric color and pattern choices are virtually endless.
We can offer shop drawings and digital photographic renderings to help you visualize what awnings will work well for your home.

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