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• Fixed frame system for three season* sun and rain protection.

• Perfect for applications where more than a retractable awning is needed.

• Heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized steel frame with 30" rafter spacing.

• Welded acrylic fabric tops including lace bands available in Sunbrella or Sattler fabric.

• Easy installation with patented wall mount track and simple front bar tensioning.

• Lifetime frame warranty.

• Available with side wings or valance style sides.

• Custom Stripes available for an up-charge.


Having gained worldwide acceptance over the last few decades, the RAL is the most popular Central European Color Standard used today.


• Powdered coated White, Almond, Bronze, or Sand frame

• Welded acrylic fabric seams for increased strength

• Premium Quality Arms with Stainless Steel Tension Chain 

• Sleek strong front bar available fabric wrapped or unwrapped

• Custom Widths Up To 26’ In 1” Increments

• 7-Pin Adjustable Shoulders

• Five projections options 5’-9”, 6’-11”, 8’-6”, 10’-2” or 11’-8”

• Optional roll down front bar shade screen up to 10’2” projection


• Powder coated Almond, White , Bronze or Sand frame (Low gloss finish)

• Welded acrylic fabric seams for increased strength

• Premium Quality Arms with Stainless Steel Tension Chain

• Fabric wrapped front bar

• Custom widths up to 40' in 1" increments

• Flex-pitch shoulder for maximum shade control

• Six projection options; 5'-9", 6'-11", 8'-6", 10'-2", 11'-8", 13'-2"

• Optional roll down front bar shade screen up to 11'-8" projection

• 6 Valance Styles


• Welded fabric top for increased seam strength

• German engineering and design

• Fabric wrapped front bar

• With or without optional drop screen

• Custom widths up to 40’ in 1" increments

• Optional Weatherguard Hood Cover available

• 6 Projections: 6'-11", 8'-6", 10'-2", 11'-8", 13'-2", 14'-6"


• Sleek partial cassette design virtually disappears when closed and makes for the perfect roof mount

• Powder coated Almond, White, low gloss Black/Brown or Sand frame

• Welded acrylic fabric seams for increased strength

• Partially cassetted with or without optional drop screen

• Superior strength arms with drop forged components

• Custom widths to 40' in 1" increments

• Patented articulating shoulders

• Projections of 6'-11", 8'-6", 10'-2", 11'-8", and 13'-2"


• Mounts in only 6" of space

• Custom widths to 23’ in 1" increments

• German engineering and design

• Patented articulating shoulders

• Fully cassetted with or without drop screen

• 4 Projections: 6'-11", 8'-6", 10'-2". 11'-8"

• 100+ Fabric colors



• Heavy duty construction for larger window applications.

• Adjustable from 0° to 160° for complete sun and shade control.

• Optional WeatherGuard™ cover makes installation permanent, no put up and take down expenses and protects the awning from inclement weather during the off-season.

• Several awnings may be connected together and be operated simultaneously with gear (manually) or motor.

• Available in 100+ fabric patterns and colors.

• The Robusta can be mounted on the wall or soffit.

• Comprehensive 5 year warranty on all Robusta components.


The full advantage of Ferrari Precontraint technology is reflected in the Precontraint 502 range. It offers many advantages to every type of project: dimensional stabilty for shading fabrics; unmatched strength fro canopies and large-sized applications; high UV resistance due to rigorous pigment and surface treatments; ease of maintenance with a consistence smooth appearance.


By creating a new rhythm of bold, pastel, and neutral shades - Precontraint 502 stripes from Ferrari offers a set of new aesthetic standards by which designers can their next project. The Ferrari Precontraint exclusive manufacturing technology combined with a specific surface treatment ensures the long-term durability of these textile installations. 100% recyclable thanks to Texyloop technology, Precontraint 502 stripes tectiles combine aesthetic and ecological design.

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